Monica & Mark Wedding | Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer | Joseph Smith Memorial Building Reception

I don’t even know where to start on this one. First of all, these guys planned their fabulous Salt Lake City wedding in less than two months! At first I thought “HOW?” but when I received Monica’s extremely detailed schedule I realized these two are a force to be reckoned with. The majority of the wedding day we stayed within just a few minutes of that schedule, even with surprises that are sure to come on any wedding day. A warm winter in Utah made for a February wedding without snow, and I think they were pretty happy about that. Monica wore a beautiful blush, beaded, tule ball gown. She looked like every little girls princess dream. Mark was the best in the role of her prince. They were a BLAST to hang out with and documenting their love was easy. They just shine around each other, and are not afraid to be both goofy and romantic. Their love for others also shined on their special day, even when the unexpected happened. During the reception, right in the middle of the speeches, Mark’s grandfather started chocking. Without going into great detail, it was very serious, and they spent several minutes trying to revive him. Kale of Kale Fitch Films and I immediately turned off our cameras and I remember helping Monica’s mother keep all the grandkids calm. After what seemed like forever, he finally started breathing. He even woke up and started joking and laughing. When I told Monica’s father that I would stay late or do anything that they needed, we decided to proceed with the toasts and first dance and then decide after that whether the rest of the dancing and partying would continue. I questioned whether or not to share all of this, but the reason I decided to was simple. I was COMPLETELY blown away by the response of everyone both during and after this emergency. I saw how some of the immediate family took their boy scout and girls camp training from their younger years to administer the heimlich maneuver and CPR. I saw Monica and Mark come together and support each other with their first major life issue as husband and wife. I saw all of their family and friends stay calm and pray and support each other. I saw the determination of the family and the emergency responders pay off, and I witnessed a miracle! And then after all of that, to see how everyone respectfully moved forward and brought the focus back to Monica and Mark. With the happy news that grandpa was doing okay, the festivities slowly but most assuredly were able to return. The speeches were light hearted and fun. The first dance was so sweet and energetic. And then, finally the father daughter and mother son dance to James Taylor really got the party mentality back. They were able to overcome a near tragedy turned miracle, and really dance and party the night away! I know that this couple has something special and has a fantastic community of loved ones surrounding them. I witnessed it first hand. I am so honored to have been a part of their wedding day!