About Allison

  • Allison Richelle = AlliChelle
  • Wife to Miguel
  • Mama to Elena and Noelle
  • California girl forever
  • Wish to live life in swimsuits and sundresses (and maybe sweatpants)
  • I don't love living in the seasons, but I do love shooting in them
  • Love both mountains and beach, but I love the beach more
  • Outgoing introvert
  • Ice cream, cheeseburgers and fries, California strawberries

About AlliChelle

I was attending BYU-Idaho and changing my major a bunch when I decided to take an entire semester of electives. I took my first photography course that semester and I was hooked. I changed my major one more time. I knew I wanted to do weddings because any assignment I had (landscape, still life, architecture, studio, etc) I just wanted to put a bride in the shot. I guess I found my niche. I graduated with a custom liberal arts degree in mostly photography, with some minors in music and fashion.

I moved back to southern California and, before starting my business, I worked with several well seasoned professionals in the greater Los Angeles area. I truly felt the responsibility of shooting the most important day of someones life. Moments that cannot be captured again if I missed them. I started AlliChelle Photography in 2011, and then relocated to Utah in 2013. But I do continue to shoot in California, and everywhere else for that matter. 

My Style

First and foremost, my style is what you would call true to color. That means my image's colors reflect what your human eye sees in real life (with maybe a little pop added). There are many reasons for this.

One, I've been shooting for a long time and have seen many styles and trends come and go. I use to follow the tends. I would look at my old work and grimace because that style had gone out of style. Since switching to true to color, I no longer hate looking at my old work. I LOVE it. It's a classic look that never really goes out of style. 

Secondly, you carefully picked your colors, details, dress, the shade of your makeup, etc. Don't you want to look back at the photos and see exactly what you picked? 

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