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Darin’s Proposal | Upland Proposal

I have known Darin for about a decade now. So, when he asked me to hide out and take pictures of his proposal to Stefany I was so on board. They both go to school in Utah, but she is from Texas. So he planned a double surprise with not only a ring, but her family as well. They are such a joy to be around and I can’t wait to see the rest of their love story unfold!

West Wedding

The fact that they have been together so long, and don’t really like the fuss, a sick mother, and a set moving date made the engagement less than a month. It also made it a very sweet moment to be a part of. Congratulations Walter and Jessica!

Such a sweet moment 🙂

Here comes the Bride!

Intimate ceremony

I was so proud I got them to take at least a couple shots 🙂

Cass | Venice Beach | Southern California Wedding Photographer

I took Brittany and Jared out to Venice Beach because they are so fun-loving I thought it would be great to bring out there fun, crazy personalities, and we’d still have the beach to get some more romantic images as well. They were so much fun to shoot.

It was a bit of an ordeal getting her up there but they were up for the challenge and I loved them for that!

The Mormon Bachelor | Claremont Photographer

I was asked to shoot the Mormon Bachelor and the girl he chose, Melanie. I know Rick personally and it was fun to see him with her. They are well matched and, lets face it, really cute together. I mentioned the fountain idea before we even got there and they were anticipating it the entire shoot. They came with their own props in the form of sunglasses and special shirts! They were a lot of fun to shoot and I’m excited to see their relationship move forward! Here’s a few of the pics from that day!