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Every wedding has different needs ranging from more or less of everything from time, included sessions, prints, albums, and, of course, price. Contact me for a full price list and I would love to set up a free consultation to talk about your specific needs and wants for your special day. Oh yeah, and CONGRATS!


Session Definitions:
-First Look (up to 2 hours) – First look is something that started becoming popular a few years ago. Basically, sometime before the wedding day (a day, a week, a month before…) bride and groom put on the dress and tux and we take the couple pictures. Usually, the bride will walk up to the groom from behind and tap him on the shoulder. Then when turns they will share the first look moment, all being photographed of course. From that point we will continue taking many more pictures. I strongly suggest doing this because it greatly alleviates the stress, pressure, and overall schedule of the wedding day itself. Plus, it gives us the freedom to take the photos at location that may be otherwise too far from the venue.
-Day After (up to 2 hours) – A session where we get all the couple pictures. This does not need to be the very next day, but is usually within a month after the wedding day. A great alternative to First Look if you do not want the groom to see you before the wedding or you are afraid to get the dress dirty. Basically, it is exactly the First Look shoot, just without the first look moment.

-Trash the Dress (up to 2 hours) – Again, something that has gained popularity in recent years. This is not for the faint at heart. It is exactly what it sounds; just like the bridals, only you trash the dress. It can be anything: getting in the waves at the beach, having a planned food fight with your friends, letting your husband the artist paint the white fabric, there are so many options. For obvious reasons, this is usually an idea with extreme feelings from brides; they either love it or hate it.

*Prices are subject to change at any time.